Viper Survival Sharp Shooter Keychain

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A recent customer Email we received
Dear Master Moran,

Several years ago I purchased one of your sharpshooter keychains. It is still just as strong today as it was when I purchased it. I’ve watched your videos and seen you smash cement blocks, pallets, coconuts, etc. Yesterday, I went out in the back yard with my sharpshooter keychain. I had a 23 oz Arizona tea can filled with water. I took my keychain and struck it hard. I could hardly believe! It literally cut the can in half. I held the top half in one hand and the bottom half in the other! Wow! I have 8 keys on it, a cheap aluminum bottle opener and a small $9 keychain tool that looks like a small butterfly knife. But after I saw it for myself cutting an aluminum can in half, I thought, “Even my gun wouldn’t do that!” I’m impressed. A little later on, I may purchase another one too, like a super sharpshooter. Thanks.


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Titano Shooter EDC Self Defense Keychain

This is for the people that want longer wider EDC para cord keychain even wider than the Sharp shooter Extreme Survival EDC Keychain. More reach and wider longer metal shaft than the original sharp shooter keychain. The about 4 inch long shaft is made to last for years. Included with all Our Sharp Shooter Keychains is a free instruction DVD!
This is a great gift for anyone.

Titano Shooter EDC Keychain

Remember, when you order, you’re getting: 1) The Sharp Shooter Keychain – The most subtly powerful self-defense device you can take with you practically anywhere you go. 2) “Three Techniques To Disabling ANYONE With The Sharp Shooter Keychain” 3) The Pressure Point Self Defense DVD 4) The Pressure Point Self Defense Chart All backed by a one-year, no-questions-asked guarantee.



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The Viper Survival Self Defense Sharp Shooter Keychain with free DVD
The Viper Survival Sharp Shooter Keychain with free DVD
Get the super strong Viper keychain It is made to help you survive.
Two heavy duty keyrings so you can hold more keys.

widget-sharp-shooter-saleOnly $19.95 USD!

The Viper Survival Sharp Shooter Keychain with free DVDIMG_2836