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Kubotan vs Knife
Some folks suppose the Kubotan device is nice defense weapon to use against a knife attack.
Let’s look a small amount deeper into this sort of thinking. The Kubotan vs Knife? Really?
The Kubotan is schooled in some enforcement academies .I owned a kubotan for quite a few years and I always felt that there was some problems with the range it had. protection techniques with a Kubotan are often schooled in a few hour seminar or two. Most of the courses includes point strikes,take downs come-along, and compliance techniques that will need some follow up training to be able to achieve during a real state of affairs.
In this video below watch this kubotan like keychain VS a Knife attack.

The Kubotan is most frequently wont to facilitate folks out of up close encounters. They are nice self defense for a carjacker or from alley ways or different areas wherever they grab you and pull you close up to them. during a thronged atmosphere sort of a bar,or elevator, a Kubotan is way more helpful than a conventional impact weapon sort of a baton or pepper spray.

Kubotan VS Knifes

Kubotan VS Knife

You can carry a Kubotan nearly anyplace, and that they are low cost to purchace. the majority don’t seem to be trained within the use of it, therefore if you drop the pocket stick, it will be hard for the attacker to use it against you.  it’s a wonderful selection as a private self- defense device however it’s only sensible during a up close in your face state of affairs.
the fact is it is best to use the Shooter self defense keychain that not solely works sort of like a kubotan in up close attacks, however is also nice for extended vary attacks like from a offender with a knife or club or machete.
DON’T carry it wear it! like several self defense devices, the Sharp Shooter self defense keychain will very little sensible if it’s buried within the bottom of your pocket or hand bag, or left reception or in your automotive glove box. If you would like to hold it in your pocket merely leave the para cord hanging out therefore you’ll quickly withdraw it from your pants or jacket pocket once in danger!
Remember the kubotan will not work well if somebody includes a longer weapon! during this case you wish you had a tool that may be extended. this is often why I carry the Sharp Shooter self defense keychain. You’ll wish to create a similar selection once trying to find a little simple to hold pocket self defense device.

Kubotan VS Knife

Kubotan VS Knife

Kubotan VS Knife?

DON’T expect the kubotan to perform similar to the longer range Sharp Shooter self defense keychain!. military science pens are rugged too however they need a brief direct a self defense state of affairs. they’re designed and engineered for in your face  attacks solely. Your pen might be used however isn’t suggested as they’ll break real simple. Kubotan vs Knife is not suggested unless you get a device like the sharp shooter keychain it is like a kubotan supercharged! 
So if trying to find a little and powerful more cost effective self defense device think about the Sharp Shooter self defense keychain.

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